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Daily Links 6/23

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Herald   From the Publisher      
An incredible journey      
That’s the way the ball bounces    
A piece of the puzzle    
Big Ticket acquisition      
All together now     
Ainge’s master plan reaps title       
One word says so much      
Not so fast      
Not fit for a king     
Great expectations        
Leaving no doubt     
Another road hazard     
It’s Powe, then Whoa!       
Heading back home   
Running away with the title     
High Five for Ray, Perk     
A comeback for the ages  

More Links After the Jump   

CelticsBlog   Drive for 18      
Trade fodder:  Barbosa to Portland?      
LOY's Place   From tragedy to triumph      
And it gets even worse for the Lakers...     
Hoopsworld    How injuries derail championships     
Postseason power rankings - preparing for the draft      
Red's Army   In appreciation of Danny Ainge     
Lex Nihil Novi    Doc deserves credit for the defense     
Commercial Appeal Grizzlies GM knows  draft is about organizing information 
Dime    Nonstop draft rumors:  C's getting an all American at 30?     
The Spread   2009 Finals odds       
Daily Item   Celtics had a season for the ages in 2007-08    
The Painted Area   Finals PS:  Thibodeau notes, LA can still win 70    
Thank Naismith   Top 5 free agents most likely to change teams  
Rumors and Rants   Luckiest guys in sports history       
Sun Chronicle   Watching Celtics fun, not work   
Bloomberg   NBA home bias suggests referees committing fouls   
Detroit News  Garnett's emotional outburst was scripted hokum    
Sports Spectrum Insider  Celtics add to great tradition  
Carroll County Times   Celtics won title as a team     
Rocky Mountain News   No remedy for Denver in draft       
CelticsNews   Draft possibilities:  JR Giddens      
Draft possibilities - Gary Forbes        
Bob McAdoo Nation   Celtics pick rumors      
Kentucky Sports Radio   In praise of Rondo    
The Big Green Machine   Batum and Hibbert falling. Possible at 30?  
With title 17 in tow, next stop is Springfield     
Associated Content    Top 10 Boston Celtics of all time         
ESPN   2008 Free Agent List     
Indistinguished Blogger   Here's to ubuntu  
Red Orbit   Flash owner building on early success        
Bleacher Report  Celtics drafting for depth and future    
Detroit Free Press   Nuggets reject offer of 2 pistons for Melo    
LA Times   On victory parades and child Olympians    
Denver Post   There's no team in Nugs:  See Celts      
Dallas News   Lakers Finals flop is good news for Dallas Mavericks      
Hoopshype   Standing pat?            
Baltimore Sun    Cassell not ready to ring out career     
Beaumont Enterprise   Grandparents watch Perkins grow up to be an NBA Champ  
The Air Up There   Who's got a shot next year         
Shamrock Headband    Silence is golden     
Green Bandwagon    You've been Celtics'd        
The Shockey Brigade    On top of the world!  

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