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A Couple Draft Rumors

Not much is going to be known about the Celtics draft since 29 teams have to pick before them and the senarios are endless.  But here's a couple of rumors to keep you talking about it anyway.

Jonathan Givony:

A team like Boston could decide to pick Serge Ibaka at 30 and stash him in Spain next season, which would help them with their problematic luxury tax situation. That’s one of the reasons Boston is heavily considering moving their pick, as they are "not in love with anyone in that range" according to one source with knowledge of the situation.

Dime Magazine:

And at the #30 pick, the newly-crowned champion Celtics might be looking at adding an All-American to their roster. Rumor is Roy Hibbert’s stock is dropping to the point where he could be available when the C’s pick. That wouldn’t be the worst move for Boston; P.J. Brown could very likely retire this summer, and even if he doesn’t, Kendrick Perkins will need a backup for whenever P.J. does eventually call it a career. Plus Doc Rivers is very familiar with Hibbert, who played with his son Jeremiah Rivers at Georgetown. (Jeremiah has since transferred to Indiana.) At the same time, we also heard yesterday that the Kings like Hibbert at #12, so who knows where he’ll end up

I'm skeptical at best that Hibbert would last that long, but if he did (or if the C's traded up to get him) I wouldn't be disappointed at all.

The Givony rumors/speculation sound a lot more realistic to me. 

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