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Daily Links 6/24

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Herald   John Havlicek’s a star for many sports, eras   
Globe   Too green for red, white, and blue     
Nuggets suspend Anthony     
Perk doing a little home shopping      
Superiority complex   

More Links After the Jump   

CelticsBlog  Thank you Wyc    
Restricted FA drama likely in Hotlanta    
Thank you Sam (but don't come back)     
LOY's Place   R-E-S-P-E-C-T     
Kansas City Star   Lue pondering his options as free agent     
TrueHoop   Expert: Referee Calls Consistent with Series Being Extended     
Red's Army   In appreciation of Doc Rivers     
2theadvocate   Davis soaks up NBA title    
SFGate   Patience can pay off with coaches      
Josh Q Public   Celtics racist?   
Lex Nihil Novi    Polite society        
McHale stops Nique as 86 C's go up 1-0      
Pierce and Jo Jo    
I got your jungle      
Star Ledger   Drafting Europeans fast becoming a foreign concept      
Dallas News   Trade winds start with an NBA draft    
LA Times   Shaq takes the stage, Kobe takes the rap       
USA Today    Golden dreams for US Olympic basketball squad     
Bleacher Report   Not your father's Celtics      
Coaching carousel - the names never change    
  So much for Celtic Pride   
The Olympian   Why the Boston Celtics would beat Team USA     
Section F Sports  Long awaited Rondo post    
Blog a Bull  Having character vs being a character    
Le Basketbawl   10 reasons Kevin Garnett pounds his chest so much     
Ironton Tribune   Celtics team reminds of former eras of greatness   
Mavs Moneyball    Dirk vs Pierce      
News Blaze    Paul Pierce signs exclusive deal with Steiner Sports   
Armchair GM   Behind the scenes at the NBA Finals       
CelticsNews    Draft possibilities:  Devon Hardin     
Draft possibilities;  Roy Hibbert       
His Aura was Orange   The truth about Paul Pierce      
ESPN   Send questions for SportsCenter NBA draft special      
Chatting with NBA Champion Leon Powe    (Insider)   Shaq skewers Kobe in improv rap   Video of Shaq's rap on Kobe     
Sports Blog     What is in the water in Boston?        
What Was I Thinking?    Even big guys have to get their license renewed    
Raw Sports Blog    Best late draft picks in the past 20 years      
NY Times   Rebound Rates        
Sports of Boston   Celtics:  Season in review      
Wages of Wins Journals    Kobe myths - Playoffs edition    
Courtside View       To the winners go the spoils      

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