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Gatorade Shirt Raises $55K for Charity

Boston Globe Blog reports:

The Gatorade-stained shirt worn by Celtics coach Doc Rivers during Boston's title-clinching Game 6 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers last week netted $55,000 for The Shamrock Foundation through an auction on sports radio WEEI (850 AM).

An anonymous bidder pledged $35,000 for the shirt and accompanying Gatorade bucket utilized by Celtics captain Paul Pierce (above) during the sneak attack. The Gatorade company donated an addition $10,000, while a second anonymous donor gifted a $10,000 pledge.

The Celtics defeated the Lakers, 131-92, to clinch the franchise's 17th world championship last Tuesday.

The shirt, autographed by both Rivers and Pierce, had a $10,000 bid this morning until former Patriots head coach Bill Parcells, now the vice president of football operations for the Miami Dolphins and a Gatorade endorser, called with a bid of $20,000 on behalf of the sports drink company.

Steve Pagliuca, Celtics managing partner and president of The Shamrock Foundation, pledged an additional $35,000 if the winning bidder will allow the Celtics to display the shirt at various times during the upcoming season. No word yet on whether that offer has been accepted.