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Quick Links - Bob Kraft, Gatorade, New Jacket

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- This is a bit dated but  Bob Kraft took out an ad to congratulate the Celtics for winning their 17th championship. Thanks to Mike Reiss for the heads up. As a side note you should definitely read his Reiss's Pieces if you have any interest in the Pats.  You can also check out Vince Wilfork's thoughts on the C's there.

- By now I imagine you've heard that Doc Rivers' Gatorade soaked shirt and cooler from the first ever Gatorade dunk in the NBA sold for $55,000 to benefit the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation. In addition Bill Parcells called into Dennis and Callahan to make a bid. Check that out here. Small confession. Even after watching him go to the hated Jets, the loathsome Cowboys, and now the Dolphins and reading David Halberstam's Education of a Coach where his nastier side is revealed, I still enjoy the Bill Parcells experience. He's the man. By the way here are three of his ideas I really admire:

1. “There are many exit doors in pro football. Don’t take them.”
2. “Don’t confuse routine with commitment.”
3. “Losers assemble in little groups and bitch about the coaches and the system and other players in other little groups. Winners assemble as a team.”


- Finally I'm not sure I could never pull this off but JH Design has a new jacket out that perhaps you can rock. Check it out.


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