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Newer, Odder Barbosa Rumor

Depending on who you listen to, spark plug Phoenix guard Leandrinho Barbosa could be headed to any number of places.

In one of the goofier deals suggested thus far, you can add Los Angeles to that list.

As read on RealGM via ESPN:

The Suns and Clippers are reportedly discussing a deal that would send the No. 7 pick and Corey Maggette to Phoenix for the No. 15 selection and Leandro Barbosa, according to

Label me confused.

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Perhaps I'm missing something big here, but this seems a bit unbalanced.  The Clippers and Suns swap picks so that the Suns move up eight spots.  The Clippers and Suns swap veterans so that the Suns get the better player in Corey Maggette.

Given that Maggette can opt out of his contract and become a free agent, one would have to imagine that this is a salary-oriented move for the Clips, so that they can get something for their slasher without over-paying him or having him leave for nothing.

That said, it still seems like an in-a-heartbeat move for Phoenix. 

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