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NBA Draft Bullets

I can't say that I have a ton of great insight into the draft, but I've been studying up for the last couple of days and I need somewhere to put my thoughts, so here is a bullet list.  Feel free to use this as a conversation jumping off point.  Chances are you'll teach me something.

  • Rose vs. Beasley: I'd take Rose number 1 because he's the safer pick and because he's a point guard.  You can always find a power forward, but great points don't come along very often.
  • Trades are always a fun subplot to draft night.  It sure looks like the Heat are going to be shopping that number 2 pick hard.
  • If we are going to be making any trades this offseason, it is going to happen on draft night.  I don't see what we have to offer other teams, but you never know (depending on who is on the board when we pick).
  • Roy Hibbert: There's a chance he could drop like a rock and it sounds like a lot of Celtics fans wouldn't even want him if he fell to 30.  I understand he has weaknesses that were played out on a very public stage in Georgetown, but you are going to find weaknesses in everyone available at 30.  I guess it is just a matter of which strengths fit your team best.
  • I want Ainge to pick the best player available, but if he picks another undersized power forward, I'm going to be scratching my head.
  • Seems like most drafts ends up being this way, but boy am I glad we aren't a lottery team picking in the 5-8 range.  In that range fans are still looking for a big score but the talent seems lacking.  Any guy drafted in that range has been ranked anywhere from 3 to 20 in the last couple of weeks.
  • I hear a lot about the "draft a Euro and stash him overseas" theory, but don't you need a bigtime talent to make it worth it?  There's a world of difference between Ginobili and Frederick Weis.  Maybe I'm missing something, but I haven't heard a lot of buzz around any late round Euro sleepers.
  • I kinda like John Hollinger's stat crunching.  You can bet that Ainge has some stat guys of his own.  As long as you take it with a grain of salt.  It is one measure of a player's worth, not the whole deal.  I think I bumped up Darrell Arthur on my "guys I like" list because of the stats.  Still, while Kevin Love looks great by Hollinger's numbers, he looks like a big soft bust to my eyes.  I don't know who's right but I wouldn't bet on me.
  • The Blazers just bought the 27th pick.  Wait, I thought they had too many players.  Coming a day before the draft (meaning they don't have the ability to see who's available) I wonder if this is a move leading to a move where they package picks and players.
  • For that matter, why are the Hornets selling picks?  Didn't anyone learn from the Suns mistake when they sold us Rondo?  Can the Celtics buy a draft pick or two?  Is there a payment program we can set up?  If you are going to get rid of a pick, why not at least get a future pick in return?   I don't get it.
  • Ok, final prediction:  I want a big man to back up Perkins, but big men are almost always a reach.  I bet we draft some wing player (Ford has us taking Courtney Lee) that essentially makes Tony Allen expendable.