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Daily Links 6/25

Herald  Hondo grew into legendary Havlicek   
Doc Rivers gives $55G shirt off his back for charity     
Sleepless in Seattle for Boston’s stellar sports scene    
Al Iannazzone's mock draft     
Globe    Grind hasn't halted drive     
Pierce on Kimmel Live 

More Links After the Jump    

MetroWest Daily     Draft debacle of last season is long forgotten   
CelticsBlog    NBA Draft bullets     
Don't call it a comeback    
Not knocking Kobe for this one      
LOY's Place   Random thoughts 6/25     
Star Tribune  McHale not sure if he will keep pick or trade it  
ESPN   Sheriff wants Shaq's badges back after Kobe rap  
The day innocence died     
Red's Army   In appreciation of the owners  
Perkisabeast     Perk's top ten         
Hoopsworld   Rumors:   Readying for the draft     
Kennebec Journal   Garnett part of biggest 3    
Bleacher Report   Another busy offseason coming up for Danny Ainge        
GM's make the most difference in the NBA     
Sporting News  Rondo, Perkins on Team USA's JV squad    
The Cud    Of the Boston Celtics and a Grandmother's orders     
Kentucky Wildcats    Rajon Rondo is getting popular    
Sports of Boston   Celtics pass with flying colors in 2007-08    
Celtics player review:  Scot Pollard        
Lex Nihil Novi   Did Rivers outcoach the Zen Mistress?    
Bird, Celtics go up 2-0 over Atlanta     
Dirk and KG again     
Speaking of Dirk      
Let's trade KG for Dirk      
411 Mania   Legacies and a draft list        
CelticsNews  Draft possibilities:  Bill Walker        
Draft possibilities:  Jason Thompson      
Parquet Pride   What does the draft mean for the Celtics?     
Shamrock  Headband   Trying not to be overly quixotic as the draft approaches   

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