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Open Topic: Gabe Pruitt

pruitt.jpgInspired by this topic that is being debated in the forums, I thought I'd open this question up to discussion on thie front page as well.

How much can we hope for from Gabe Pruitt next year?

It seems like the Celtics are still very optimistic about him but there simply wasn't room for him in the rotation this year.  On the other hand, you could ask why fellow rookie Big Baby was able to find room while Gabe couldn't crack a rotation that was desperate for point guard help.

Here's his NBA Draft profile from a year ago:

Strengths: Has great size and quickness at the point guard position ... Very athletic, plays above the rim, real bouncy ... Smart player with a good understanding of the game ... Has nice offensive skills with the ability to drive or pull up ... Has range on his shot and is an excellent 3 point shooter ... Good defender with quick hands and nice anticipation ... Excellent balance and agility ... Clutch player who steps up in close games ...

Weaknesses: He's been more of a scorer than a distributor throughout high school and to this point. Still becoming a true point guard, learning the nuances of the position: getting everyone involved, dictating tempo, etc. Must become better at protecting the ball ... Must gain more consistency on his jumpshot ... Can get caught up trying to do too much, but stays under control most of the time ...

Notes: Looks to build on a terrific freshman season in which he led the Trojans in scoring.


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