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(Almost) Live Draft Blog

Steve W. is live at the draft tonight with all the other NBA press.  He'll be on CSL later, but for now he's promised to give me the heads up on any happenings at MSG. 

Here we go (in reverse chronological order): 

  • CSL coming up.  Steve will be checking in with his thoughts from behind the scenes at the draft, possibly with some audio.  Stay tuned, but enough (almost) live blogging for now.  
  • Blazers take Rush. Yikes, they're going to be scary.  That's a tremendous pick.
  • Jason Thompson for Sac?  The entire chat room basically wrote Who? At the same time?  Maybe the Kings could have traded down if that was their pick all along.  He was 29th in Chad Ford's last mock.  Not the best test, but still, a bit of a reach perhaps.
  • I really can't wait to see Krep shooting Lazers over Lopez this fall.
  • Steve's report from MSG:
    • Knicks fans were merciless on the Gallinari pick.  Even breaking out a USA!USA! chant.  So tacky. 
    • Beasley is totally unprepared for his new found cash.  When asked if he had a financial planner or what he was going to do with his cash, he gave a totally confused answer about not dealing with it now and going out to celebrate tonight.  Enjoy that Heat fans!
    • Beasley unsure if he's in Wade's Fav-5 yet. 
  • Hi.  I'm Eric Gordon and I'll be your waiter tonight.  Holy smokes a white jacket?  What's the deal with that?
  • Lopez is falling like a 7 foot stone.  Can't say thats too surprising.

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  • Gallinari!!!!  Ahh the boos from the NYK fans are so enjoyable.  Poor Danilo, doesn't even get on the court before being booed.   I don't want to hear ecstatic Knicks fans call up WFAN in NYC come October....
  • Knicks on the clock.  Always a fun time.  Less fun now that Isiah is no longer calling the shots.  aahhh good times. 
  • Wallace likes Love @  5.   He didn't totally blow it by taking Lopez.  Love's 94ft  chest pass is bananas.
  • Knicks fans howl with anguish when the Sonics pick Westbrook. Hahahaha.  Embrace it Knicks fans, the Italian kid is your fate.
  • Riles reports that "the day the seaon ended" they went to work on their draft.  Wait. Pat, didn't you quit coaching in February to scout?  Or is that when you think the season ended?  I'm confused. 
  • Minny's got Mayo.  I hope he's not a bust.  Would love to see Big Al and Ryan get some real help.
  • Steve's reporting lots of Celtics fans at the draft.  He's doing some interviews.
  • And that's why its a rumor.  Miami takes Beasley.  Wade|Matrix|Beasley.  That will be interesting.  Beasley and Marion might be able to make up for the lack of a big man (Blount doesn't count) based on their respective rebounding abilities.  
  • Latest rumor from Steve live at MSG.  Miami to hold their pick and take Mayo.  We both thinks that's a weird strategy.  Maybe a smokescreen or misdirection from Riles.  Steve isn't buying it. 
  • Chicago takes Rose.  I'm shocked.  SHOCKED!  Ok maybe that's over stated.  Kirk H. can't be feeling too happy right now.  Rose is in the early lead for ugliest tie of the night.
  • I like the deal for NJ.  They're definitely working the lets unite LBJ and Jay-Z option.  That's going to be good for the NBA.  Realistically, the Nets are constituted in this past season where going straight to nowheresville for the next several years.  Why not blow it up?  For the Bucks though?  Enjoy mediocrity Milwauke. 
  • Steve has alrady had the pleasure of informing some dude in an RJ jersey that his main man just got traded to the Bucks.  Apparently there was a lot of spirit crushing that transpired.  Fantastic. 

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