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Gallinari In a New York State of Mind?

Suffice it to say Danilo Gallinari didn't meet the best reception when David Stern announced that he was the newest New York Knick last night at Madison Square Garden.

The sound "ooo" wasn't particularly difficult to hear.

But word is that the Italian youngster wasn't much phased by it.

As reported by RealGM:

"It's a part of the game; all the players has got to hear this," Gallinari said of the boos. "It's not every time that you hear good things. So it's normal here."

He answered similarly when asked whether he felt it was unfair for New Yorkers to boo him when they don't know his game that well.

"No, I feel normal and comfortable with that. I have got no problem, and it's my work to prove everybody that I am a good player.

Atta way, 'Nilo.  Sounds like a dude with his head on straight.


As I said during my guest spot with CSL last night, it's tough to judge Knicks fans on this one.  On one hand, they've been through the wringer over the last decade with Scott Layden and Isiah Thomas, and it's hard to ask them to be too blindly faithful of the brain trust.

But at the same time, Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni represent a brand-new regime, both members of which have good track records in their own right.  So perhaps they should get a bit of leeway at the beginning.

But Knicks fans have gotten quite accustomed to booing in recent years, and thus that was the order of the day.  Looking forward to seeing how Gallinari holds up long-term in the Sizable Apple. 

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