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Green Bandwagon Book Reviews

- I'll post a book review every Monday from June 30th to August 25th. After that I'll cut back to one a month.

- Ultimately I'd love it if you read the books. To that end I'll leave out some highlights, include a few teasers, and avoid major surprises

- Along those same lines this is not a book report. I prefer to touch on major themes and relate them to the Celtics, basketball at large, society, or whatever else is going through my head at the time. Although to be fair I just made it sound a lot deeper than it actually is.

- I'm open to suggestions about books I should consider. That's how I finally committed to profiling The Last Shot, which I enjoyed.

- In closing check out past reviews:

The Last Shot

Sole Influence
Unfinished Business
Let Me Tell You a Story
Fall River Dreams

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