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Old Favorite Still Making Some Calls For 'Bockers?

Knicks fans made their feelings on Danilo Gallinari quite clear when he was selected on Thrdsday.  Not good times at the Garden.

The NYC faithful may only be less thrilled to figure out who played a big part in the Gallinari pick.

As reported by Mark Welinlalla, of the New York Daily News

Isiah Thomas, who has been scouting European players since being fired as coach, provided Walsh with a good report on Gallinari, who played last season for Armani Jeans of Milan.

"He told me, 'This kid won't back down,'" Walsh said.

The gift that keeps on giving strikes again.

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So the Knicks may have fired Isiah, but he continues to leave his fingerprints all around this team.

Normally, I'd say that Isiah being high on any guard was enough for me to go the other direction, but Zeke's principal ability when he was in town seemed to be building through the draft.  He reeled in David Lee and Renaldo Balkman over the last couple of years as well as Channing Frye (traded) and Nate Robinson.

That said, can't imagine it's easy for any Knicks fan to stomach the idea of Zeke returning.  Rough times, folks. 

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