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Daily Links 6/29

Herald    Sweet deal for McHale     
Minus ’D’ CDR no C    
Globe     His next stop, Brooklyn?      
Bryant isn't flagging     
MetroWest Daily   Courtside View: Acquiring key pieces 
CelticsBlog   My day job is COO of the NBA      
Better know the 60th pick:  Semih Erden 
LOY's Place  Shopping for a free agent center?    USA Minicamp notebook        
Finals reflections:  Kevin Garnett          
ESPN   Howard incurred stress fracture during playoffs, should be fine for Olympics

More Links After the Jump   

Hoopsworld   Rankings:  The impact of the draft         
Red's Army   In appreciation of Eddie House       
In appreciation of Glen Davis       
Plain Dealer  1 and done freshmen spoil college basketball & don't do NBA any favors   
StowSentry    Local native helps Celtics regain glory     
Seacoastonline   Paul Pierce finds The Truth      
Whattup Ma'am   Cinderella story    The Pacman enters the history books     
Doitmitch    Salary Cap rules and why the Lakers are screwed       
Inquirer Sports    Celtic Pride on Pacquiao fight night?    
Sporting News   Celtics offense wasn't too bad either       
For the Celtics, the D spelled dominance      
ABS-CBN    Celtics Big Three to root for big fan         
Give Me the Rock   Everybody wants a point guard      
Lex Nihil Novi   36-6 quarter part 1      
The 36-6 quarter part 2     
Celtics demolish Hawks in best basketball performance Walton ever witnessed      
Post Dispatch   Why I'm sick of Boston  
Slam Dunk Central   Horry wants to come back for one more year     
Eagle Tribune   Should Paul Pierce be on the US Olympic team?      

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