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Young PG Talent To Hit Market

Donald Sterling and Elgin Baylor are at it again.

This time around, they've teamed up to jettison their potential franchise point guard.

As reported by Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

Former lottery pick Shaun Livingston will become a free agent next week when the Clippers decline to tender him a qualifying offer. But Livingston, who is still rehabilitating from a devastating knee injury, is too much of a medical risk for a team that is hoping to add a starting-caliber point guard.


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The penny-pinching and over-cautiousness never seems to end for LA's little brother team.  Undoubtedly, Livingston's injuries are a major concern, and the Clips should have been looking to be wary of overpaying him to too great an extent.  But not even a qualifying offer?  This guy was drafted as their franchise point guard.  He has an immense supply of physical tools.  He's still 22 years old!

Unless the Clippers know significantly more about the severity of the injury than has been made clear to the public thus far, effectively giving up on such a promising kid seems like a rather silly course of action. 

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