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Catching Up

I'm back from vacation (relaxed and half-tanned, half burnt) and getting slowly caught up with what happened while I was gone.  All in all I like it.  High risk, high reward.  I feel like Ainge is tossing rookies up against the wall to see who will stick.  Sure, we could have drafted a few solid guys that could have been decent role players someday, but we can fill short term roles with free agency.  If we have to wait for these guys to develop, it might as well be a home run swing.

Add these 3 draftees to Gabe Pruitt and Big Baby (who already has contributed) and we've got 5 guys that could be steals at where they were picked.  All have question marks that could drag them down and all have ...wait for it ..."tremendous upside potential."  Side note: I love that cliched term.  In fact it was the name of my fantasy football team this year.  I'm trying to pull a Danny by going last to first this year, wish me luck.

Now with the draft over, it will be interesting to see what they do in free agency.  I don't feel a strong need to bring everyone back, but I do feel like losing Posey would be a big blow.  On the other hand, I don't really want him signed at any price either.  I just don't want to be paying him full MLE money 4 and 5 years from now.  If you could promise me that it would mean 2 more titles, I'd take that over-pay.  But it doesn't work that way.  It is a tough balance but that's the nature of negotiation.  You draw a line in the sand and live with the results if he walks.

Don't go anywhere folks!  Danny has plenty more work to do for next year and we've got to keep the party going all summer long.  Championships don't come every year.  We have to enjoy it! 

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