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Return of the West's Most Exciting Coaching Mind

On a day that featured a focus on the news of one coach's departure in the East, it may have been easy to overlook another's return out West.

As reported by ESPN:

There's nothing quite like some downtime in Hawaii to brighten one's outlook.

That's how Don Nelson seemed to portray his recent decision to coach the Golden State Warriors for at least one more season.

"I got the chance to rest a little bit, think about it, and wanted to come back," Nelson told the San Francisco Chronicle from the team's practice facility in Oakland. "It wasn't that hard. I just needed to get away for a few weeks. I'm ready for more action."

"If they're happy and I'm happy, we might do it more, you know?" Nelson told the Chronicle. "Larry Brown's older than me and just took a four-year job" with the Charlotte Bobcats.

Excellent, excellent, excellent.  Exactly the sort of thing I love to hear.


Nellie's presence has been integral in turning a formerly sorry Golden State franchise into a real competitor (albeit not yet a contender) in the West.  He also turned the Dubs into one of if not the single most exciting teams the game has to offer.  The Warriors play a crazy brand of basketball, but they play it hard, and they love working for Nellie.  The uptempo game combined with the beautiful skills of Baron Davis and Monta Ellis and the blue-collar banging of those such as Stephen Jackson and Andris Biedrins has turned Warriors games into special experiences.  Nellie has done an excellent job as the captain of that ship, and here's looking forward to more enjoyable basketball out of Oakland.

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