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The WSJ Hates the Celtics...

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Admittedly a bit sensational with the headline, but Jon Weinbach from the Wall Street Journal has a nice article today about his love for the Lakers and hatred of the Celtics.

During that era, I didn't just dislike the Celtics. My venom had layers. I couldn't stand Boston's plodding, physical style of play, which often stifled the Lakers' fast-break attack. I was annoyed that Tommy Heinsohn -- a former Celtic! -- was the color commentator for NBA games on CBS. And I despised -- deeply, truly, passionately -- every player on their roster: Kevin McHale and his Frankenstein shoulders; Greg Kite, a 6-foot-11 bruiser whose only apparent skill was fouling Kareem as hard as possible; and naturally Larry Bird, who was just so frustratingly good.

I loathed team president Red Auerbach and his victory cigars, but the Celtic who really made my blood boil was Danny Ainge. A whiny, wildly annoying shooting guard with a choirboy face, he constantly complained to the refs -- and had a penchant for making clutch three-pointers. He personified the Celtics' evil hoops empire. Meanwhile, I loved every possible thing about the Lakers.

Don't worry Jon (and ex-Celtics haters everywhere), your distate for all things Green will return shortly.  You'll hate our boy Perk for sure.