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Daily Links 6/6

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Herald   Injured Paul Pierce keys Game 1 win     
Pain no match for Paul Pierce     
Backup P.J. Brown comes up big    
Late struggles leave Kevin Garnett feeling hungry     
After down times, Wyc Grousbeck quick to enjoy ride    
Ray Allen crucial to containing Kobe Bryant     
Denied Kobe Bryant in denial       
Tough twist for Kendrick Perkins     
Lakers staff en-titled    
Dr J remembers Beat LA     
NBA needs Pierce and Celtics to make this memorable NBA Finals   
Lakers need to get mean against Celtics       
Globe   Comeback kids    
Remember, it's only one      
A return to glory at the Garden    
Pierce felt pain, hurt Lakers      
Back-to-back injuries were a sore subject  
Lakers unable to stay in range        
Bryant (9 for 26) couldn't shoot straight      
Odom not feeling any added pressure       
This defense never rested     
Lakers rookie Karl has endured his share of adversity   
Rambis's fall hard to forget     
As usual, Cassell was on the ball and on target   
Hoping to see        
Various posts from the Globe Celtics Blog    

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MetroWest Daily  Celtics 98, Lakers 88: The Truth hurts    
Finals opener lived up to hype   Showing Heart, Pierce Recovers from Wounded Knee To Bury Lakers   
Overshadowed by Pierce, Ticket Turns in Solid Game  
In Limited Minutes, Brown Delivers Again for Green        
Postups  live game blog        
CelticsVision interviews  
CelticsBlog   A familiar tune     
Celtics Stuff Live tonight at 8PM        
The power of PJ       
Pierce is your Captain   
How is the Truth?        
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Finals Game 1     
Eja's corner:  Scots like Celts     
Pierce is the hero as Celtics take game 1    
Chris Bosh is really funny      
Celtics 17   Boston Beats LA after Pierce scare  The Truth hurts       
Finals blog     
Celtics notebook game 1    
Chat about the Finals 
Lakers notebook        
Pierce, Celtics get jump on Lakers      
Court reporters      
Kareem's Finals blog     
ESPN   Pierce shows his worth on biggest stage    
Kobe can't find the winning touch in game 1    
Injured Pierce inspires Celtics, adds to rivalry's lore in Game 1 win    
Many variables will determine Pierce's fate    
Pierce's knee is the key to the series        
The Back and forth:  Celtics vs Lakers     
Factor No 1 in the NBA Finals:  Kobe Bryant    
Factor No 2 in the NBA Finals:  Celtics defense     
Factor No 3 in the NBA Finals:   Paul Pierce     
Factor No 4 in the NBA Finals:  Home court advantage     
Factor No 5 in the NBA Finals:  Battle of the benches    
Most important factors in the Finals:   Wild cards   
Other Factors in the NBA Finals:  3 point shooting, KG     
TrueHoop    Liveblogging game 1    
Hoopsworld  NBA Finals:  where Paul Pierce happens         
Lakers need more from Gasol     
NBA Finals game 1:  The inside story    
Red's Army   Hey Pau, the game's 48 minutes      
Screw Bill Plaschke      
Perkisabeast    Win it for Reggie     
Game 1 the home office correspondence      
Unbreakable:  In a moment, Celtics seize the day from disaster        
Full Court Press   Save the eraser, Phil, Boston takes game one    
TWolves Blog    KG Cast - Episode 15, Celtics win game 1    
The Caveman Network     Celtics use hunger and emotion to defeat Lakers in game 1  
SouthCoast Today   Pierce takes his place in Celtic mythology      
Worcester Telegram    Injured Pierce returns heroically     
Defense stands tall down the stretch            
Odom Garnett matchup could be key to series         
C's Lakers need a history lesson      
NBA Talk  Heroes and goats from game 1    
The Howeva Files      Paul Pierce used to be sad, signs now point to glad      
Slam  Game 1 notes and pain    
Dime   Was Paul Pierce faking?     
Celtics take game 1 in Beantown:  Return of selfish Kobe?      
Game 1 instant analysis   
Fan IQ   Pierce is no Willis Reed       
ProJo   Celtics history never fazed Doc    
East Coast grit triumphs in game 1      
Pierce on his injury:  I had to get back out there     
Celtics hijack Bryant's spotlight     
Odom:  Lakers lost their edge in the second half    
NBA title would complete final goal     
Garnett changed direction of Celtics  
No escort needed now for Jabbar        
Wall Street Journal   Gino fever grips Boston     
NECN   Powe:  Game 2 we gotta be focused again     
Posey:  We take it one game at a time    
PJ Brown reacts to Celtics win       
In the locker room:  Rondo on pressure, Pierce comeback     
Pierce inspirational, but condition unknown for series     
Allen:   we cover for each other pretty well   
LA Daily News    Finals appeal crosses generations       
Celtics old hands better than Lakers young guns       
Pierce returns from injury to punish Lakers     
Lakers falter late in Game 1 loss      
Lakers let opportunity slip away     
All is calm in Boston this time for Lakers    
A Piercing defeat      
LA Times   Underdog role gets their attention     
For Lakers, green means stop     
Lakers fall for this one        
Sam Cassell adds some action to his words     
Playoff road turns bumpy for Kobe, Lakers   
Lakers Celtics series will be an inside job    
Pierce gives team an emotional lift   
Fortunately it's not a best of one      
Deadspin   An inconvenient truth for the Lakers      
Detroit Free Press   Boston fans scrutinize him, but Doc Rivers answers with victories   
Street Insider   2K Sports announces KG as cover athlete for NBA 2K9      
Palm Beach Post   Celtics bench makes the difference     
USA Today   Friday eye opener:  Revived Pierce leads Celtics     
Boston's Big 3 shine, seal deal in game 1     
Celtics use criticism as motivational tool
Rings, not great statistics the mark of greatness in the NBA    
Halogen Guides   Doc Rivers:  the ultimate coach      
Globe and Mail    Is hatred of series past lost on current squads?     
Cape Cod Times   We shall march on a road of bones         
NY Times   True to their past, these Celtics work to win    
Rivers' slight of hand:  Making three stars think as one      
The Star   Celtics draw first blood      
Celtics Big 3 take step back, in order to step forward      
Bloomberg   Devastation turns to inspiration in two minutes    
Section F Sports   The hidden effect of Paul Pierce's dramatic comeback    
Newsday   Jackson has 9 rings, Rivers chasing first    
Eagle Tribune  Rondo aces final exam     
Press Enterprise  Fisher, who plays strong game, says Lakers have to avoid fouling    
Hartford Courant   Celtics not the choice    
Can't keep a good Celtic down    
X's and O's of Basketball    Paul Pierce returns and Doc Rivers speech     
CelticsNews  Celtics take 1-0 finals lead    
Kansas City Star   NBA needs Pierce, Celtics to make finals unforgettable    
Fox Sports   Pierce provides dramatic spark for Celtics       
Boston's bench gets better of Lakers     
Lakers-Celtics Finals will come down to Kobe      
He won't admit it, but Mamba has met his match     
Sporting News   Game 1 is sure to stick in peoples' minds      
Ray Allen's reputation is on the line in the NBA Finals    
Washington Post   For Celtics, it's game won     
Spirited Rivalry    
Washington Times    A real work ethic      
National Post  Hobbled Pierce leads Celtics to game 1 win   Phil's bid for 10 could have been Coach K's for 1     
Governors make friendly wager on outcome of NBA championship    
Scout's take:  Breaking down Celtics- Lakers        
Canadian Press   Lakers coach Phil Jackson admires Celtics legend Red Auerbach  
Computer World   Algorithm predicts Celtics will beat Lakers in NBA Finals     
Central Maine Sports Blog   Jerry Sichting Interview     
Time    How to (sort of) stop Kobe    
Slate   Do the Lakers have an advantage because they are so white?  
Wolves News  Gomes weighs in on the NBA Finals       
The Sports Beat   The arrival of Captain Clutch      
Courtside View  Finals Game 1:   It gets no better     
Shamrock Headband   Incredible beginning        
Boston SportZ   Running diary of Celtics-Lakers game 1    
Parquet Wishes   Nothing can stop the Truth, not even Perkins     
Lex Nihil Novi  Mychal Thompson discusses the old days     
McHale talks C's and L's       
The Herd Mentality       
Gino has moved on      
Pierce getting hammered on Mike and Mike      
Wilbon revisits Celtics and race     
Leon Powe Fan Site    One down three to go      
Wicked Good Sports  Mike and Tommy Game 1     
Metro   Three wins away:  C's capture game 1    
Legacy questions looming for Pierce    
Patriot Ledger  Lost generation of Celtics fans on the rebound    
Nothing was easy     
Connecticut Post    Celtics one - Experts zero     
Celtics win first game again      

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