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Good News For Bulls Fans: Flash Staying Put

It seems that someone besides fans was talking about those Dwyane-Wade-to-the-Bulls-for-the-top-pick rumors.

That someone would be Dwyane Wade.

But he's not taking those rumors too seriously.

As reported by ESPN:

Speaking out Thursday in an effort to defuse numerous reports out of Chicago suggesting the Miami Heat may be willing to trade him to his hometown Bulls, Wade said he's been assured the notion is completely erroneous.

Wade even said he and Heat president Pat Riley have spoken about the topic and to ensure that both remain driven by the same goal -- rebuilding Miami into a contender once again.

"I don't worry about that kind of stuff," Wade said in Chicago, where he was holding his annual basketball camp for children. "I never understood why people even worry about it because it is uncontrollable. Your name is going to come up. Things are going to be said. It's not a bad thing. That means you're wanted somewhere or it means people think highly of you. I just laugh at it."

Bulls fans should be able to breathe a bit easier now.

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A couple of years back in Dwyane Wade's career, there were no shortage of executives that would have jumped at making a deal like that.  Were some NBA team frivolous enough to employ me in that sort of capacity, I would have been one of them.

At this point, however, the risk of such a move simply outweighs the reward.  For as fine a player and a young man as he is, Wade has now missed 95 games due to injury in his first five seasons in the league, and over the last two years, he has shown no ability to get healthy and stay healthy.

The Bulls have the opportunity to get one of two 19-year old bodies accompanied by men with a high possibility of becoming franchise cornerstones.  While a healthy Dwyane Wade certainly provides that cornerstone, his 26-year-old body hasn't demonstrated that it can fully support him from here on out.  It's too risky a proposition, and the less interested the Heat are, the better off the Bulls will be.

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