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Daily Links 6/7

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Herald    Hobbled Pierce plans to take shot in Game 2       
Paul Pierce ‘miracle’ recovery draws plenty of skeptics   
Willis Reed comparison sore spot for Phil Jackson      
Tackling a rough topic     
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Luke Walton recall life in Cambridge      
Lakers haven't lost cool       
Celtics’ Leon Powe never a no-show    
Globe       Bench warrants some reconsideration  
Pierce will play through knee sprain 
ABC analysts announce choice for best in game       
Lakers failed their physical      
He was a dud, just like Fudd           
He's putting up numbers for the Celtics      
Rivers: Perkins (ankle sprain) will be ready to play    
Game 1 was firsthand experience 
He wants to hook on as head  coach             
Pierce:  Great chance I'll play on Sunday  

More Links After the Jump   

MetroWest Daily   Playing through the pain   Post ups notebook        
CelticsBlog   Flashback:  Another playoff moment of truth    
LOY's Place   Between game thoughts   For Pierce the time is now      
The busted bench mob        
ESPN   Celtics claim Pierce's knee free of structural damage despite lack of MRI  
Piercing the silence game 1        
Defensive improvements key for Lakers
Truth is, Pierce is indispensable to Boston's title dreams      
Hoopsworld   Pierce's knee is key       
Rankings:  Celtics number 1             
Patriot Ledger   Bryant not about to pass on shooting     
Signs point to Pierce, Perkins playing game 2    
Examiner  Former Dunbar poet Sam Cassell hopes his NBA tale includes 3rd title      
Connecticut Post    Doc and Big Three aren't satisfied     
Worcester Telegram    No news good news          
Defense denying Kobe     
Review Journal   Jackson pans Pierce's dramatics       
Sportaphile   Ray Allen's behind the back half court shot     
Globe and Mail   Pierce's comeback can't match Reed's      
The Star   Celtics' challenge:  stop Kobe again     
SportsHubLA   Celtics play medicine ball       
Daily Breeze   Garnett is Beantown's mad man       
LA Times   Was it just bad luck for Kobe?    
Everyone stay calm       
Celtics find a new villain:  Phil Jackson       
Lakers need to have more in reserve      
Juiced Sports Blog   Paul Pierce faked his injury     
Press Enterprise    The MVP has an opener to forget     
Bleacher Report     Can the Lakers unlock the Celtics lock down?   
Celtics-Lakers game1:  The day Paul Pierce became a Celtic    
Bears Necessity    Powe is roaring         
Sporting News  Celtics' Perkins, Pierce try to heal before game 2       
USA Today    Celtics win battle of the benches in opener
Divine?  Pierce's dramatic return makes you wonder     
Atlanta Journal Constitution      I heard it was a good one      
Bodog Beat      Former Celtic Chris Herren faces drug charges         
AP   Job for Celtics' PG's:  Get the ball to the Big 3                  
Lakers Library  Paul Pierce:  Inglewood or Hollywood?     
Slam   Unsung hero of game 1:  PJ Brown?        
HoopsHype   Thoughts on game 1       
AFP   Lakers coach cynical about Pierce knee injury     
Pierce ignores long term injury risk to play in NBA Finals     
Fox Sports  Lakers can't compete with Celtics strength          
LA Tech Report  More on PJ Brown from his days in Chicago 
Red's Army    Doc out-coached Phil       
HoopsAddict   The Truth and nothing but the Truth Changing nature of the NBA Finals       
NECN   Kevin Garnett:  I definitely think we can improve          
Rivers:  Pierce, Perkins likely for game 2   
Washington Times    Pierce heroics, plus some       
Lex Nihil Novi   Theme for game 2:  Remember 1985      
The good Reverend Satch Sanders      
C's just can't keep up in game 1 of 84 Finals     
The Chief disappoints in game 1 of 1984 Finals      
NY Times   Drama aside, Celtics expect Pierce to play       
Nomadicasian's Weblog       Celtics eager to reclaim old glory
Kansas City Star    Celtics don't see humor in Pierce's miraculous return
ProJo   Truth or fiction?      
Format puts press on Boston              
Dime   All eyes on knee      
Courtside View    Pierce defiant in face of pain      
Green Bandwagon   The truth about the knee      
Leon Powe Fan Site    Leon keepin' on    
SouthCoast Today   Celtics can't rest on Pierce's laurels   
Eagle Tribune   If Lakers don't match C's aggressiveness, they'll be in trouble  
Lowell Sun   Pierce should be ready to go          

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