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Daily Links 6/8

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Herald      Pierce, Perkins are on highway to heal   
Game 2 goes a long way toward deciding a series       
Friendly service      
Ray’s ‘D’ starts to shine through  
Garnett all business         
LA story depends entirely on Bryant    
Pierce’s knee rekindles Celtics’ spirit     
Kobe Bryant will grab the spotlight in Game 2        
Allen's jumpshot is music to his mom's ears      
Globe    Rivers still thinks Pierce, Perkins will play     
The Waltons: Prime-time drama      
Parental guidance       
Their hands are being forced      
Showing a 'Mob' mentality      
Jackson expects better Bryant in Game 2    
Gino dances in disco heaven       
Game of ins, outs       
Shot clock ticks for sloganeers      
A wait on his shoulders

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MetroWest Daily   Celtics: Pierce, Perkins on the mend       
Celtics drama - like we needed more?   Playoff post ups        
CelticsBlog    Celtics Stuff Live tonight      
Lingering thoughts as game 2 approaches    The greatest game 2's in NBA Finals history      
Stopping the run     
Pierce the Warrior  
ESPN    It's time for Gasol to step up    
Celtics upbeat on Pierce for Game 2, uncertain for Perkins      
KG on bringing intensity to the NBA Finals       
Scouts Inc breakdown game 2      
LOY's Place    Finals:  Game 2 thoughts       
Celtics commercial spoof    
Hoopsworld   Playoff studs and playoff duds         
Pierce refuses MRI, wants to play 
Bryant must be MVP to overtake Celtics   
Red's Army    Where have I heard this before?          
How Pierce's knee affects game 2     
Keep talking Phil        
LA Times  Nasty attacks should be banned in Boston       
Lakers don't appear worried      
When race isn't an issue    
Despite loss Lakers are a slight favorite    
Slow starter         
Phil Jackson won't compare comebacks    
Pierce says he'll be ready for Game 2      
Title is no slam dunk, but Chick Hearn would have loved it      
This was the game he has been waiting for       
Predictions of a sweep by the Lakers has been swept aside     
Runnin' the Point     Rajon Rondo       
LA Daily News  Odom, Pierce should be ready      
OC Register   Big money doesn't always translate into big success for NBA players   
Celtics relying on inside information to slow Kobe     
Lakers believe they have the answers for game 2   
With Bryant shooting better Lakers will win game 2    
NY Daily News    Tom Thibodeau helps stymie Kobe, Lakers      
Dime   What to watch for in game 2         
Worcester Telegram   Ray Allen more than a shooter      
Cousy pleased with Celtics defense      
Will injured C's be productive?       
Rocky Mountain News   Ex-Nugget Posey seeks second ring 
The Town Talk  Brown's role with the Celtics growing as postseason progresses      
The Star   Key missing ingredient in NBA final  is mutual hate        
Bleacher Report  Odds favor the Celtics by 3-1      
Two keys to game 2 for the Lakers      
Hartford Courant   Celtics' Pierce will carry on     
Chicago Tribune   DJ's presence hangs over Celtics     
LA Ball Talk   Game 2 adjustments       
Inside Hoops   Kevin Garnett Finals interview      
USA Today   Bynum remembers same fears Pierce described  
Abdul Jabbar does his coaching as Lakers' assistant        
Bryant, Lakers look to get a little more physical in game 2     
Wages of Wins Journal   Game 1 thoughts            
Stat Intelligence   Quick mini preview of game two      
AFP    Communication is key for Celtics to shut down Kobe    
Improved Pierce ready for Lakers      
Guardian     Celtics keep Lakers guessing about Pierce injury    
Hoops Doctors       Game 2 preview- Questions need answers       
Sporting News  Key questions before game 2          
Allen, Garnett won't force if Pierce is limited      
Patriot Ledger   Pierce to give knee a try     
Dallas News     Breaking down game 2     
Fox Sports  Celtics need Pierce's knee to be ok      
Press Telegram  Lakers plan to bounce back     
Gerbil News Network   Celtics add faith healer for game 2   
Philly Inquirer    For Pierce, a bad year to get hurt         
UK Wildcat Country  Jeff Van Gundy doesn't like Rajon Rondo      
True Hoop   Paul Pierce's knee  through the eyes of a specialist     
Canadian Press   Gasol looks to get more involved in Los Angeles Lakers' offense    
HeraldNet   Lakers' Bryant shows no signs of stress   
ProJo  Pierce, Perkins plan to shake off injuries         
Lakers realize they must bang the boards             
Late Gino lives on at the Garden      
Lex Nihil Novi   Moment of Truth:  How good is Paul Pierce?    
The blame game:  It was strictly a rim job     
Time for KG to make Doc look brilliant     
Will Jose Rio make an appearance in Beantown?    
Once upon a time       
Courtside View    Perkins, Pierce expect to play       
Enterprise   Bryant eyes rebound for Lakers       
Parquet Wishes  The Cooz immortalized in bronze     
Connecticut Post    Doc and Big 3 aren't satisfied, Doc knows  what it means to be a Celtic

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