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Celtics Hold On - Up 2-0

Crazy finish, but we're up 2-0, that's all that matters.

  • Three amazing quarters, one terrible one.  Thankfully it was enough tonight.
  • Paul Pierce is the man, but Powe gets Player of the Game.
  • Just an amazing game by Powe right from the start, forcing the issue and getting to the line.
  • 16 assists for Rondo (with only 2 turnovers) - not too shabby.
  • The Lakers got back into it by knocking down 3's - thankfully it wasn't enough.
  • Celtics got that lead based on gread defense - that needs to be sustained for 4 quarters.
  • Another good game by Ray Allen with 3 timely 3's and 17 points.
  • KG had a quiet double double - 17 points and 14 rebounds.
  • Another solid game by PJ Brown too - needed him with Perk in foul trouble.
  • Ok, with the late game free throws and block, maybe Pierce was the MVP.
  • Maybe Pierce and Powe can share it.  Who cares, we won!

The story of the game is going to be the lead lost.  Will the Lakers get emboldened by it?  Perhaps.  Will that make the Celtics give up or give in to them?  Don't count on it L.A.  Up 2 games to none.  We held serve here in Boston.  Now we need to go get some wins in Los Angeles.  We just need two more wins.  Don't let up now.

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