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Pierce Is Ready To Go

ESPN reports:

Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce practiced without difficulty Sunday and was cleared to play in Game 2 of the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

"Paul's good," coach Doc Rivers said.

The news on center Kendrick Perkins, who sprained his ankle in Boston's 98-88 victory in Game 1, isn't as certain. He did nothing more strenuous than shoot free throws at the shootaround and will be a game-time decision for Game 2.

"There's just no reason to push him," Rivers said. "With an ankle, it's going to swell up. Let him swell up after the game instead of now."

Count me as cautiously optimistic.  I'm one of those that isn't sure why he won't just get an MRI .  I'm no doctor, but I don't really like the sound of any of the potential issues he could have as a result of playing in pain.  If he helps his team to a ring, I think he'd consider the risk totally worth it.  If not, well, we know how things worked out for Kevin McHale, except he already had some hardware on his fingers.

Like I said, I'm cautiously optimistic that he's as well as he says he is. 

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