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Irony In Detroit's New Interest

The Pistons may have a new target acquisition this off-season, and it's someone they didn't seem to be targeting as much in 2003.

As reported by Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post:

It's no secret NBA front-office executives have tried to measure if the Nuggets might actually be willing to part ways with the 24-year-old Anthony, despite assurances to his agent that Denver is not actively shopping the high-scoring forward on the trade market.

Look for the Pistons, who fell just short of reaching the NBA Finals for the third straight season, to be among the teams putting out feelers in regard to Anthony's availability, according to a league source.

Ah, irony.


The Pistons drafted Darko Milicic between LeBron James and Melo Anthony in the 2003 draft, and Joe Dumars has taken a lot of heat for it since, particularly thanks to Milicic's increasing lack of stardom in the NBA.  That said, it bears noting that the Pistons did win a title in Milicic's rookie season, and while he certainly wasn't responsible for it, there's no telling how the team dynamic would have been different with Anthony on it -- or how his career would have turned out instead.  Not a full-blown defense of Dumars, but just something to consider.

In the meantime, I'm not sure what the Pistons have to offer that would entice Denver -- seems like most of their assets that could be moved for Melo are a bit on the older side, although I presume the youthful Rodney Stuckey would have to be involved.   Likely not worth getting too deep into that realm yet, as the Melo rumors are likely to be flying fast and frivolous all summer.  For now, we'll soak in the delicious irony of Detroit's interest.

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