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Daily Links 6/9

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Herald   Celtics hold Powe-sition      
Little comfort in Celtics’ 2-0 lead    
Paul Pierce puts hurt to LA Lakers     
Time’s right for Celtics    
Rajon Rondo, mates offer ample assistance in win      
Leon Powe’s work inside helps Celtics hold serve     
Foul treatment irks Lakers      
Al Jefferson perks up      
Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson opposing benchmarks of success    
David Stern’s a fan of matchup in this series    
Cedric Maxwell on famous line: That’s not what I said     
Paul Pierce is proving incomparable for Celtics     
Dennis Johnson’s overlooked deeds a shame     
Globe   Survivor Boston        
'X' marks the spot for Powe      
Two down, two to go       
This 'Wolve joins the pack      
Knee no problem for Pierce    
Bryant's night: Seething and disbelieving     
Rivers fires some praise Rondo's way    
They're in foul mood      
This format is a shock to the system    
Global outlets flood Finals     
A rivalry renewed act II    
Various posts from the globe Celtics' Blog   

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MetroWest Daily Celtics 108, Lakers 102: Powe-red to victory
C's defend their house ... In dramatic fashion Celtics Build Lead with Heavy Dose of Powe-time
Rondo Dishes 16 Dimes in Game 2 Win
Fighting Injuries, Pierce and Perk Chip In
Celtics Survive Furious Laker Rally in Fourth
Locker room interviews Playoff postups
From the Booth: Your time
CelticsBlog Celtics can't relax, Fans maybe should
Game 2: Night of a lifetime
Gold Rarities post game podcap
Celtics hold on - Up 2-0
LOY's Place Comments from the other side -Lakers game 2
Celtics survive late Laker run to go up 2-0
Celtics 17 Boston survives LA's 4th quarter rally, Up 2-0 When the good (barely) outweighs the bad
Celtics hang on, open up 2-0 lead vs Lakers
Celtic notebook game 2
Powe answers the call
Lakers notebook game 2
Momentum shifts too late for Lakers
ESPN The Lakers know Powe's name now
Laker Nation vs NBA referees
Celts withstand Lakers' late Game 2 run behind Pierce, defense
Powe's hard road to the top
Reporting from the Celtics locker room
Dr Jack Ramsey, reporter
Hoopsworld Lakers can't stop Powe in game 2
Stern to change playoffs?
CelticsNews C's dodge a bullet, take 2-0 Finals lead
Yardbarker - Rondo's Blog Rivals
We're up 2-0
Flying to LA for Game 3
Red's Army Powe posterizes Lakers
The vaunted Lakers' defense
No sweat
Perkisabeast Powe is a beast
Full Court Press Always be closing: Lakers provide refresher before falling in game 2
Bostonist We're all stars now in the Powe show
ProJo PJ Brown proves that he can still play
Boston survives LA run to take 2-0 series lead
Garden's angels were looking after Paul Pierce
Powe comes up huge for Celtics
Analysis: Championship looking unlikely for Lakers
Bryant was less than dominant again
Ray Allen: Celtics will have to be better finishers in L.A.
New Garden has given Finals foes a cool reception
Benches play big roles for Celtics, Lakers
Lakers forced to respect Celtics
Dime Powe, Celtics take 2-0 lead, Lakers having referee problems
UK Wildcat Country Rondo made you look
WTOP News Doc Rivers figures it out
NY Post Phil's master of his domain
KG, Kobe would have been a winning pair
The Boston Score Game 2 running blog
Worcester Telegram Two for the road
Rondo deflects Finals pressure
Perkins has a leg to stand on
C's Big Brown still in the running
Green smile
Powe delivers quite a performance that says pow
Bucks Diary Heroes and goats from Game 2
SouthCoast Today Kobe's opening acts not enough
Patriot Ledger Celtics' Powe steals the show
Sporting News Lakers comeback too late
LA Times Lakers need to make a stand at Staples
LA needs a Boston style big dig
Something foul in Boston
Time for Kobe to earn his MVP
Lakers are the ones who need assistance
Celtics Powe makes a name for himself
Doc is no fan of finals format
Fox Views
Some post game quoteage
Expect Ray Allen to shore up Celtics' defense
Connecticut Post Celtics 2-0: Lakers get Powe-verized, but almost win
Sports on My Mind The writing is on the wall
Section F Sports Rondo's 16 assists
Sports Network Perkins, Pierce start game 2, but Cassell leaves the game
Washington Post Bringing the pain
Chicago Sun Times As Phil whines, Bulls should wait for Kobe stopper
To return to the Finals after 13 years
USA Today Breen glad to broadcast Pierce drama
With Celtics winning, Boston's gone green again
NY Times Stern ponders moving start times earlier
Boston SportZ Celtics to honor Lester during game 2
NBA Finals game 2: Or how Leon Powe destroyed the LA Lakers
Ball Don't Lie Kendrick Perkins doesn't move for anyone
Eric Musselman's Basketball Blog How defense can win basketball games
SSNN (Satire) Bird, Magic emphasize they are not playing in this year's finals
Sports News Review Confident Bryant welcomes the pressure
Daily Breeze Adjusting against Boston's D is key
Green Bandwagon Paul Pierce: Notorious faker
Game 2 recap
Pro Skills Keys to Boston's league best D
Telegraph Lakers fear Kevin Garnett, scariest man in basketball
Courtside View Commish seeing red and green in Celtics revival
Sports of Boston Celtics fend off Lakers in the 4th
Lex Nihil Novi Pau v PJ, Rajon and Sam
I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'
Plaschke on the foul disparity
Don't dis da Green
Wicked Good Sports Celtics pride returns
Leon Powe Fan Site "0" the hero
Metro Two down, two to go, C's hold on for victory
Different World
TSN That's Powe, not pow or pau
Eagle Tribune LA Fakers: Celtics exposing LA as paper champions
Bleacher Report For all of you who thought the Lakers would win in 5 games
News Star Hard work gives PJ Brown the winning touch
Wall Street Journal Powe power leads Celtics to 2-0 lead
NY Daily News Paul Pierce, not Kobe Bryant stealing spotlight      
TWolves Blog     CW's open mailbag         

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