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Rondo: Prolific Passer & Blogger

Rondo has 23 assists in the Finals so far.  His game 2 total of 16 was the most since Magic dropped 20 in 1991.  For a second year point guard, that's huge!

Not nearly has impressive, but also kinda cool is the amount of blogging Rondo's been doing.  Since reaching the Finals, he's made 6 posts on his blog at YardBarker.  Here are some links and quotes in order of most recent to oldest:

  • Flying to L.A. for Game 3 - "The playoffs are really about two things - execution and stops. By now everyone knows your stats, they know what percentage you shoot from the left side, they know your first and second move so it's all about execution."
  • We're Up 2-0 - "I passed up a few layups and some other shots, but I wanted to spread it around."
  • Game 2 - "I'm up, dressed, and ready to go."
  • RIVALS - "On the way home me and Perk had an interesting conversation. We started talking about the Celtics/Lakers rivalry and how we were babies the last time the Celtics/Lakers were playing against each other in the Finals."
  • Going Live - "You can see everything from old highlight videos from UK to the most up to date stat info on my website."
  • The Finals - "Now, the NBA FINALS! I can not even express how we all felt after we won Game 6."

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