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Green Bandwagon Knows NBA Jam

There was a point 5 years ago when I was convinced that I was by far the greatest NBA Jam player in the world. Granted there were several factors in my favor:

1. It was 2003. Not a lot of people were playing NBA Jam for the Sega Genesis. I was.

2. Along the same lines as #1, kids in their early to mid teens, i.e. ridiculous gamers, were definitely not playing Jam. That really helped my cause. In fact many of them were probably raised on N64 or higher.

3. I was really, really good. I once beat a guy that used the on fire code while I played without it. I wanted to come up with an analogy for this type of dominance and nothing seemed to do it justice. Not even Tiger Woods at the 97' Masters. Seriously I was good. Trust me on this one. As a side note the first time I typed "Seriously I was good" it came out "Seriously I was god". And though I went away from that error for obvious reasons, it made sense in a NBA Jam context.

I only bring this up because J.E. Skeets of Ball Don't Lie recently linked to an examination of NBA Jam by the SportsTsar. Good post. It brought me back to last summer when I set out determined to make people say, "I know that game is at about 15 years old and nobody plays it anymore, but that guy knows a ton about NBA Jam." In the words of Will Ferrell in the epic Delco cat toys skit, "I think I did alright." Keep in mind that I'm not proud of how many times I'm about to link to my own blog. That doesn't mean you can't look the other way and enjoy it:

On Fire
The Manual
Egos - Possibly my favorite Green Bandwagon post ever.
Blocked Shots
Turbo and Assists
Jump Shots
The Good Side
Ranking the Short Players
The Announcer
The Crowd

Guys Who Did Not Make the Cut
Remember Them?

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