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Celtics Links: 7/10/08

Point guards and big men.
Logjam at New York?
Loy's Place
Updates and free agent rumors.
Darius Miles and the Drug Test. Green Bandwagon Note - Interesting.
Perk is a Beast
Titanic Division no longer.
Red's Army
Why Darius Miles won't play for us.
Random Stuff.
Boston SportsZ
Why the Celtics Don't need James Posey.
Boston Herald
Price for James Posey looks on the rise.
Stern appoints 2 to fan death investigative team.
Boston Globe
Atlantic just got tougher. Green Bandwagon Note - I'm actually more intrigued by the Raptors. I like Jermaine O'Neal's game when he's on the court. I'm also a Jose Calderon fan. And Toronto can get outrageously hot from deep at times. Remember this game. Granted that was a rarity but look at those percentages - 58% from the field, 71.4% (15-21) from 3, and 100% from the line. That's outrageous. And the Raptors had some serious injury concerns last year. Just throwing that out there.
Posey decision imminent?
Cavs focussed on Posey too?

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