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This May Take A While

Bulpett reports:

Unless someone steps up with the magic numbers for James Posey, it appears the process to sign the free agent will drag out for a while.

The Celtics are still very much interested in retaining the top reserve, but they may need to be concerned about another club offering the contract Posey is requesting, said to be at least four years at the mid-level exception.

According to his representative, Mark Bartelstein, the Celts will probably not have a chance to match the right offer.

"We’re not trying to be tough here or anything, but I just don’t think you can do that," Bartelstein said. "It’d be totally unfair for me to do that to the other teams that are involved in this. You can’t ask them to make an offer just so you can take it back to Boston and see if they’ll match it. I think that once you’re a free agent, you’re a free agent. You have to be fair to any team that’s willing to make you an honest offer."

Bartelstein added that the Celtics still are in discussion on a deal, but he is now waiting for other teams to get their respective houses in proper order.

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