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Daily Links 7/11

Update: Najera signs with NJ Nets

Herald      Posey is pondering     
Magic welcome guard Pietrus    
Durham home of former NBA player auctioned off       
Globe    Posey's agent: No news      
Pierce on Conan   
6 reasons to keep the 6th man     

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CelticsBlog   Ultimate high risk, high reward play ahead in LA?     
Nobody wants the 4th year    
LOY's Place     End of the week rumors and free agent updates   
CBS Sports version of Dewey Beats Truman     
NY Daily News    Pierce advises Knicks to dump Stephon Marbury in rebuild     
Celtics 24/7    Where's the source?            
Wages of Wins Journal    The Bogut economy     
Yardbarker   Sasha Vujacic guarantees      
Ball Don't Lie   Phenomenal Swag:  Lakers '07-08 Championship DVD      
Sports of Boston   Celtics player review:  Tony Allen     
News Herald     Cavs aren't shopping in Posey's price range      
Detroit Bad Boys    The rumored Jarvis Hayes is no longer a Piston post   
Binary Gangster Blog   NBA and the media:  MVP analysis over the past 4 years   
NBA Inside & Other Stuff    How Darius Miles can screw the Blazers    
Celtics 17    Pierce Finals MVP tribute         
Hoopsworld    Tough road to climb          
Dave G's Dugout    The brand new 76ers and next year's Eastern Conference       
Lex Nihil Novi    1986 Celtics sweep Bucks      
The World According to Garp    The 76ers:  Are they now serious contenders?    
Play the Right Way     Your role       

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