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Celtics Sign Patrick O'Bryant


Marc Spears reports:

The Celtics have signed Warriors free agent center Patrick O'Bryant to a two-year deal, according to NBA sources. The 7-foot-0, 260-pounder was the ninth overall pick out of Bradley in the 2006 NBA Draft by Golden State, but played sparingly in two seasons. The Celtics worked out O'Bryant, who is expected to backup center Kendrick Perkins, a week ago at their training facilty in Waltham.

Well, that caught me a little off guard.  I was sure we'd go with the Birdman, but it seems like O'Bryant is the choice at backup center.

At one point O'Bryant was a lottery pick but that may have been aided by a couple of big games in the NCAA Tourney and that extra hype that big men get around draft day.

Bottom line: He was a bust for the Warriors.  Consider this Don Nelson quote:

"I told him if he goes down to the D-League and isn't a dominant player, there should be red flags all over the place, and he should be the first to notice. He's not only not dominating, he's not playing very well. He's a long-term project. I really liked him the first week of training camp, but I assumed there would be great progress. He hasn't gotten better one bit."

So is this guy a seven foot Gerald Green?  Time will tell.

I'm not optimistic about his chances of suddenly "getting it" and turning into the guy that he was drafted to be.  However, as long as his contract is of the minimum variety, this can't hurt too much.  At worst he spends a lot of time in the D-League and wastes a roster spot. 

At best, he could spend some quality time with Coach Clifford Ray and become a good backup center option.

Surprising move, but I don't have any problems with it.

Update: The Celtics must have seen something in their workout of this guy that others didn't.  Note this report from the Globe:

The Celtics continued their search for a big man by working out Patrick O'Bryant, Golden State's first-round pick (ninth overall) out of Bradley in 2006.

The 7-foot center showed decent range and solid footwork taking feeds in the post. But when he hit the low post against Wisconsin's Brian Butch and Detroit Mercy's Ryvon Covile, who had each been practicing since 9 in the morning, O'Bryant was tugging at his shorts not even 15 minutes into the drill, struggling to muster enough strength to defend either.

Celtics spokesman Jeff Twiss pointed out that O'Bryant arrived in Boston at 1 a.m., although he tired quickly against players who had been on the court all morning. O'Bryant took the court at approximately 11 a.m.

Not exactly inspiring stuff.

Update: According to Foxsports , it's a one year deal at the minimum, with a second year team option.

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