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10 Reasons to Like the Patrick O'Bryant Signing

First off I don't necessarily buy the whole "strong veteran presence is the cure for everything" type of thinking. For example in the past Paul Pierce alluded to his frustration with trying to bring Gerald Green along and how a guy has to want it to be successful. Of course this is an entirely different team nowadays with a stronger veteran core and young guys - Kendrick Perkins, Leon Powe, and Rajon Rondo - known for working hard. Seriously if O'Bryant doesn't bring it in practice Powe will eat his lunch. Overall I like Boston's mix of veterans and youth and I'm on board with the gambles - J.R. Giddens, Bill Walker (knee), and now O'Bryant - Danny Ainge has taken. And since it's been pretty slow around here I've decided to put together 10 reasons O'Bryant in green and white makes sense. Worst case someone on the Celtics (Paul Pierce?) can put some popcorn on his Christmas tree.

JRich pranks teamate Patrick O'Bryant (via hotsizzle869)

10. Shades of Troy O'Leary in terms of his name. Let's just say some guy from Southie is going to be surprised the first time he watches the C's live next season. Between this and the C's having Allan Ray and then Ray Allen in consecutive seasons some of the older fans may be struggling.

9. There has been a lot of pro Don Nelson talk out there of late. And that's cool. It's deserved. But let's not forget that Nellie can be difficult to play for, even if he has one of the most exciting, unbridled offenses in place out in Oakland.

8. Given the C's financial situation this is the type of move they have to make.

7. He's a legitimate 7-footer.

6. Along those lines his biggest problems thus far appear to be immaturity and work ethic. Granted those are red flags. But guys can mature and work harder over time. And it terms of red flags they're better than cocaine use or other felonies. Bottom line you can't teach height.

5. Speaking of height. You can teach what to do with it. And as Marc J. Spears noted O'Bryant will work with Clifford Ray this summer. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Clifford Ray is Awesome. You see what I did there? I linked to an established, respected columnist. And then I linked to my own work. Now you associate the two.

4. As much as I like Leon Powe and Glen Davis they are undersized. 

3. How many times have we watched a guy bounce around the league and then flourish once he finds the right fit? I'm not saying O'Bryant will improve in a Chauncey Billupsesque way. But it's too early to write him off.  As a side note that's one reason I don't entirely understand the whole "David Lee is overrated" talk. He's done some nice things in one of the worst situations possible. I'm convinced he would thrive in a good situation. 

2. The C's were so well coached last season that Glen Davis was able to step in after a long stretch of minimal action and make the correct defensive rotations and play admirable post D against Tim Duncan of all people. Similarly Scot Pollard was the ultimate "mind is willing but the body is weak" type of guy. But he was always in the right place or headed there as quickly as his feet could carry him in his limited minutes. O'Bryant has a size advantage over Davis and a mobility edge on Pollard. He might be able to help. 

1. O'Bryant has to live with the stigma of being a bust, which should motivate him. At the same time he will play in a situation where the expectations are minimal at best. I like that combination.

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