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Celtics Links: 7/13/08

Following up Knicks-Clips Talks: Greed Abounds. Green Bandwagon Note - I agree with the argument that any deal that sends Zach Randolph out of town and does not bring back huge, long term contracts is a good deal.
Loy's Place
Sunday's rumors and updates Gerald Green Still Dunking. Green Bandwagon Note - I'd say the fact that we don't have the opportunity to get carried away about J.R. Giddens throwing down a monster dunk is the biggest downer of the C's not having a summer league team.
Red's Army
It's Us Vs. New Orleans.
Intentional Balk
Adios Patrick O'Bryant. Green Bandwagon Note - There's one person not broken up about the move.
Celtics 17
Filling six spots: one down, five to go.
The Shamrock Headband
Boston Herald
A champion on the green. Green Bandwagon Note - I respect Ray Allen's approach. He focuses throughout the season, works hard, and does not relax until the season ends.
Ray stays in Posey's court.
Boston Globe
After win, missing the green.
MetroWest Daily
For Pierce, there's peace.
O'Bryant workout revisited two years later. Green Bandwagon Note - Great use of the archives.

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