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Las Vegas Summer League

I was a little down about not having access to any of the Fiba 2008 Men's Qualifying Tournament games. However, summer league is a good alternative, even if the Celtics did not field a team. That sentiment was only strengthened earlier today when I caught the Knicks/Cavaliers game. I was psyched for two reasons:

1. Out of nowhere Robert Traylor was on the court. I couldn't believe it. Apparently I missed the memo the first time around. That's right Tractor Traylor is in Vegas. How does this fit with his probation? As far as I can tell he should still be in the electronically monitored stage.

2. How often do you get to hear someone say, "Stephon Marbury has joined us here at the broadcast table..."? To be fair his new tattoo is much higher up on his head than I originally expected. It works for him. And Marbury said all of the right things. I was impressed. As a side note Danilo Gallinari looked good. He's a lot taller than I realized.

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