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Posey Watch - Day 6

Despite reports that we'd get some resolution, there seems to be no deal in place with Posey.

Gary Dzen reports:

Free-agent Celtics sixth man James Posey was at the Garden tonight for the Celtics DVD premiere, but he didn't shed much light on whether he was close to deciding which team he would sign with for the upcoming season.

"You've got to look at both sides," said Posey, who was sporting a black Red Sox hat. "Both sides do what's best for themselves. ... It's like college recruiting again."

The Celtics seem willing to give Posey the full $5.5 million mid-level exception, but it seems doubtful that it will be offered more than two years. The 31-year-old seems interested in getting a four-year deal. Other teams potentially interested in Posey include Detroit, Washington and Cleveland.


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