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2008 FIBA Men's Qualifying Tournament: Day 2 - Update

- The Canadians fell into a slow paced game and lost in disappointing fashion to Slovenia, prompting  Coach Leo Rautins to simply say, "We all screwed this up." However, the Canadians still have a chance.

- Meanwhile, Cameroon is out after losing to Puerto Rico and my man Ricky Sanchez (17 points) of the Idaho Stampede.



- Cape Verde managed to top yesterday's 27-point defeat by losing to Germany by 36. Dirk Nowtizki led an incredibly balanced German scoring attack and Chris Kaman adjusted nicely to international play with ten points and ten rebounds, albeit against weak competition.

- Finally Lebanon joined Cameroon and Cape Verde in the "headed home" category with another convincing defeat. This Brazil earned the blowout victory. In their 2 games the Lebanese lost by an average of 48.5 points. As a side note shame on me for not mentioning that Anderson Varejao, Nene Hilario, and Leandro Barbosa are not on the Brazilian squad.

Unfortunately I'm on the road and don't have as much free time as usual. But expect a brief preview tomorrow as the Olympic picture starts to come into focus.

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