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Offer Made To Lue?

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The Arizona Republic is reporting:

The main competition for Lue remains Boston, which also is believed to be offering a one-year veteran minimum deal worth $1.26 million. Suns center Shaquille O'Neal has called Lue, his friend and former teammate, to make a recruiting pitch, but Lue also is longtime friends with Boston star Kevin Garnett. Lue stays at Garnett's Malibu home each summer for workouts.

The Suns made Lue their top free-agency target. They have a payroll limitation to offer only a minimum deal.
I'm not sure if a formal offer was made or if the Celtics just made it be known that they are interested in Lue at the league minimum, but there seems to be legit interest by the Celtics.  Of course, Lue seems to have an odd way of going about this stuff.  He's acting like he's being recruited by colleges and all he has to do is pick one.

In fact, he seemed to pick the Heat the other day, even scheduling a physical on Monday.  The only problem: Miami wasn't ready to give him a contract.  I can see why he would want to go to Miami where there's little competition in his way (see Banks, Marcus).  But just last week he said "I think we're going to get it done in Phoenix."  We'll see.

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