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Thank You Eddie House


Thank you Eddie House.  I hope this isn't goodbye, but it might be.  Steve Bulpett reports:

James Posey’s agent reports no decisive movement in negotiations for his free agent client as of early tonight. But the Celtics could be in danger in losing another player represented by Mark Bartelstein — Eddie House.

The Celts would love to get House back at a one-year deal for the veteran minimum, but he’s looking for more money and more years. According to Bartelstein, such offers are currently on the table from other clubs.

If it is goodbye, I wish you all the best.  You came to town without much fanfare, but you filled a need that many of us didn't know we needed; a sniper off the bench.  

On most teams you'd be called the best shooter on the team, except that you happened to have Ray Allen on the team.  You catch and shoot so fast, it isn't just one motion, you seem to start the shooting motion even before you catch the ball.  It's a thing of beauty.

You were instant offense no matter how long you spent on the bench.  You hustled and you bought into the team concept from day one.  The team brought in Sam Cassell to be veteran backup point guard and found out they had a pretty decent on on the team already.

It was a joy watching you play.  I still hope we can watch you in Celtic green again next year, but if not, you go with our blessings and thanks.

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