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James Posey Signs with New Orleans

So that happened. As of today James Posey's next championship quest will take place with Chris Paul and company. Some thoughts/reactions:

1. Posey signed for less last year to earn a big contract. It wouldn't make sense for him to take less again.

2. Posey got the money ($25 million) and years (4) he wanted. Yet he also joined an excellent team. The Hornets are definitely on the rise and it was a nice acquisition for them.

3. All of the sudden Boston's bench is thin. The back up point guard position is still unresolved and who gets minutes behind Ray Allen and Paul Pierce? Meanwhile, you have to wonder if the C's can maintain that lightning in a bottle type aura they had last year.

4. It is interesting to see a player like Posey enter free agency, which I'd argue is still dominated by statistics. You can see why some guys shy away from hustle plays and unselfish basketball because the market does not reward that. Put it this way would you rather have Corey Maggette or James Posey? On the bright side we'll get to see how much he's worth next season.

5. I know this could and most likely would happen. However, I hoped it would not. Yet I wish Posey nothing but the best. I would not be surprised if he were productive during the 4th season of his deal. And he'd be hard pressed to make that type of money after three seasons. At least he's out West.

6. Danny Ainge has his work cut out for him.

7. Expect a significant drop in man hugs next season.

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