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Eager for Monta Era At Point In Oaktown

With the signing of Baron Davis in Los Angeles, it had initially appeared that the Warriors would pursue a new option to run the point for them in the days to come.

Apparently, that's not to be the case.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle's Janny Hu:

Indications are that the Warriors are intent on having Monta Ellis replace Baron Davis at the point and giving Ellis room to grow.

Wasn't thrilled about this at first, but I have to admit, it's starting to grow on me.

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Initially, the idea of Ellis at the point seems questionable because of his slight build, general lack of defense or outside shot and his nature as a score-first guard.  All those concerns are still valid, but there is also plenty to like about Ellis as floor general for the Warriors.  He dished out nearly four assists per game over the last two seasons without being the primary ball-handler, and he is nothing short of excellent at getting in the lane.  He has the speed to be a menace pushing the ball up the floor, and opponents will have to key on him in the lane as a scoring threat, which should open up plenty of looks for his teammates.

Ellis has long since become one of my (and dedicated reader nazzbo's) favorite players across the league, and I can't help but be excited by the idea of him being featured even more than he already is in the Golden State offense.  Whether it is a great idea remains to be seen, but it's worth at least giving a shot.

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