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An Affront To Camby

Apparently, the old it's-a-business explanation isn't resonating with former Nuggets center Marcus Camby.  Well, he claims it is, but other emotions seems to be doing most of the talking.

As reported by Aaron J. Lopez of the Rocky Mountain News:

"Blindsided, distraught, disrespected. All those adjectives. I definitely feel insulted," he said in a telephone interview with the Rocky Mountain News.

"When I first heard about the trade, I felt like I was the scapegoat after all our past first-round exits and failures and lack of defense. I felt it was them telling me that I was no longer wanted and I was the cause of everything that went wrong the last couple years on this team.

"I'm still in disbelief. I'm still in shock. I still can't believe this happened."

"Obviously, the Nuggets don't owe me any explanation," Camby said. "I understand that this is definitely a business, but I felt that the six years of service that I put in on the court and off the court, they at least could have given me a heads-up on what was going on. I feel very disrespected on that aspect."

Ah, the old they-don't-owe-me-an-explanation-but-they-jolly-well-should-have-given-me-one approach.

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It's understandable that the guy is frustrated with leaving having spent a solid portion of his career working in Denver.  But it sure seems like he is going a bit strong on the rhetoric on this one.  The salary cap forces player movement with some degree of regularity (though not at the rate it does in the NFL), and the guy's name had been mentioned in swirling rumors for quite some time.  Trades are a part of the reality of leading a lifestyle as a professional basketball, and to that effect, it's hard to feel like the man's world is ending. 

Here's hoping it's as easy as transition as possible for Camby and his family on a personal level, and best of luck to him with the Clips.  The amusing soundbites are always appreciated.

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