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Daily Links 7/19

Herald    Mavs nix deal for Artest      
Globe    Party for Pierce        
Loss by Lakers was homeless shelter's gain      
CelticsBlog   Runnin' Fives:  Charlotte Bobcats      
CelticsStuff Live Sunday with Jessica Camerato     
Got it need it     
LOY's Place    Is there more scandal ahead for the NBA?       
Rumors and free agent updates - Greg Norman edition        
Celtics 17    The back up SF situation:   Think Barnes     
Perkisabeast   Consider the Beast lair firmly entrenched on the Bill Walker bandwagon   
Hattiesburg American  Posey deal a good step for Hornets       
Examiner    Ranking the NBA coaches      
Connecticut Post    Doc Rivers' family values approach to coaching    
Journal Sentinel    Celtics had a chance to land Lue        
Fox Sports   James Posey:  Have rings will travel      
Lex Nihil Novi    Game 2 win makes 86 C's 59-9 since Christmas  
Bird wins 1986 MVP in a landslide          
The Cleveland series        
Shamrock Headband   Not so far from the tree 

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