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More Free Agent News: Gilbert Arenas, Corey Maggette, Gerald Green

1. In my earlier post about Gilbert Arenas I forgot to link to Bullets Forever. My bad. I always enjoy Pradamaster's work and they're all over Washington's free agent moves.

2. Earlier today I argued that Corey Maggette would not sign in Boston because he would go for a bigger pay day. I was wrong. He appears to be leaning towards San Antonio for the full MLE. Still I'd argue that he's a much better fit with the Spurs than the Celtics. He gives that offense and added dimension with his ability to get to the line. I am intrigued.

3. By all accounts there's a pretty good chance that Gerald Green will never, ever get it. But he's got another shot.  As far as I can tell Mavs Moneyball does not see this as the final piece in the championship puzzle. Meanwhile, head over to Ball Don't Lie where Kelly Dwyer focuses on a pretty damning Green anecdote. For the record Paul Pierce alluded to this type of thing after Green was sent packing.