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Introducing Posey To Hornets Fans

Yesterday, our own Steve Weinman (see all his posts on CelticsBlog NBA ) took some time to help Hornets fans become better aquainted with James Posey.  See his post here.   Here's a small clip:

But what you’ll see when you watch him every night is more than that.  This isn’t a guy who just makes an effort defensively.  He makes every effort for every second he is on the floor.  He is the type of defender who wants to be inside the clothes of his man.  He is the sort of player who just has to have every 50-50 ball.  He’ll back down from nobody.   He’ll come out of scrums clutching loose balls that you thought he didn’t have a chance to get.  He’ll give your Hornets team a mean streak and an added layer of protection for every player on the team.  This is a guy who truly gets the meaning of working or what’s on the front of the jersey.

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