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Pack It Up, Shawne?

Shawne Williams keeps saying the right things about getting away from trouble.

But trouble keeps finding him.

As reported by the AP:

INDIANAPOLIS -- Police arrested a passenger in a car driven by Shawne Williams of the Indiana Pacers for marijuana possession, an incident that team president Larry Bird said jeopardizes the forward's future with the Pacers.

Williams was not arrested but was written up for a window tint and seat belt violation after the police stop about 6 p.m. Friday in Carmel, said Lt. Jeff Horner, a spokesman for police in the northern Indianapolis suburb. The car did not belong to Williams.

This can't bode well for a guy Larry Bird already described as on "thin ice" with the team.

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We praised Williams in this space not too long ago for making all the right statements over the past few months about how he intends to turn his career around and end the pattern of off-the-court trouble that has marred his pro tenure thus far.  Larry Legend has made it clear that he is cleaning house of all those who are less-than-exemplary citizens, and if not for Jamaal Tinsley, Williams could have been at the top of his list even prior to this latest incident.

While it sounds like Williams wasn't the particularly egregiously guilty party this time around, here's had enough strikes where he really can't afford this sort of thing.  The youngster needs to be more careful in his decision-making if he's going to keep his spot in Indiana.

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