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Extending the KG/Pierce Era

Elrod Enchilada has his latest article up on RealGM.   A sample:

But the more important reason is that Danny is already thinking three or four years down the road, to when KG and Pierce and certainly Ray Allen are moving past their primes and the Cs will no longer be in contention. Although winning in 2009 and 2010 is job one for Danny, there is a job two: extending the Garnett-Pierce era another season or two to 2011 or 2012 or even 2013. Having James Posey’s 34 or 35 year old body and $7 million contract would undermine that. Danny wants to have the chance to use whatever money he can on players who are either off the books quickly, like Eddie House, or who will still be in their prime the duration of their contracts. So good-bye James.

Likewise, another way to extend the Garnett-Pierce era is to develop young players who can emerge within one or two or three years as valuable rotation players. This is how teams like the Patriots stay at the top in the NFL and it plays to Danny’s exceptionally keen eye for locating talented players in the bowels of the first round and the second round of the draft. It has the additional and crucial benefit of keeping the payroll down, as these players are paid relatively little their first few years in the league.

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