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Daily Links 7/25

Herald   Tim Donaghy pals go to jail    
Globe    League suspends Mahorn, 10 players     
CelticsBlog   Tough spot for D West    
Looking way back to 2000     
LOY's Place    Rumors and free agent updates - lots of signings edition    
Celtics 17   Tony Allen:   Ever since this ubuntu thing       
ESPN    Ellis inks a $67 million deal to stay with Warriors       
Team USA's golden oldie brings leadership, experience     
Battista sentenced to 15 months in prison;  Martino gets one year     
Pierce says Olympic team needs to reclaim glory, win gold     
And One     Just a game to play        
The Leaf Chronicle     Daughters of NBA dads seek their own identities       
Cavalier Attitude    Could West be going east (Like Far East)?      
Grand Forks Herald   Young Wolves have bought into team concept      
Sports of Boston   Celtics four point play 7/24    Lopez to participate in annual NBA basketball clinic for Middle East youth 
Poor Man's GM   Early playoff predictions v 1.0 Eastern Conference     
Hoopsworld    Top ten Summer League steals     
Washington Post    The stars, aligned              
Lex Nihil Novi    Wichita newspaper weighs in on Bill Walker     
Auerbach almost leaves Celtics for Knicks     
CelticsNews   Official NBA 2K9 cover     
Sporting News    Delonte West is latest NBAer  eyeing Europe   

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