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Thank You (Mostly) Inactive Players


I've still got a few more Thank You's to go after this, but I didn't want to forget the easily forgotten ones on the team.  Gabe Pruitt, Brian Scalabrine, and Scot Pollard all sat out the postseason, but they get a share of the Championship bonus and they all get rings, so let's give them their due thanks.

Gabe Pruitt - You bounced between the D-League and riding the bench as the 12th man all year.  We didn't get much of a feel for your game, but we're all cautiously optimistic that you can break into the rotation next year.  If nothing else, you gave us someone to debate about using only small sample sizes of data (which is always fun).

Brian "Air Intangibles" Scalabrine - You once again dazzled with your "does all the little things right" game and your good natured sense of humor.  Few could have handled a demotion better than you did and you even left us with an amusing post-game press conference (bumping Kobe back a slot in the process).  Good show!

Scot Pollard - I'm pretty sure you logged more minutes on Planet Pollard than you did on the court this year, but that's cool.  If you had not been injured, the team might not have pressed so hard to pick up PJ Brown, and who would have hit that big shot against the Cavs?  So thanks for being injured big guy!

I kid because I care.  I'm sure each of these guys busted their butts in practice and bought into the Ubuntu theme with everyone else.  There were probably a lot of ways they contributed behind the scenes, even if it wasn't always on the court.  They were/are Celtics and they will always be Champions.  So thank you guys.

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