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Dwyane Wade: 2008's Vince Carter?

Back in 2000 Vince Carter was a part of the US squad that won gold in Australia. At the time Carter grew out his hair, dunked a lot, was incredibly angry on the court, and ultimately laid the foundation for a solid chunk of his Beyond the Glory. Check out the clip of that episode below for several highlights:

1. Carter referring to himself as Vince.

2. Kevin Garnett and Alonzo Mourning, two of the most emotional NBA guys ever, holding Carter back at times. Seriously.

3. His quest to prevent Frederick Weiss from ever playing in the NBA.

Vince Carter Beyond the Glory 4/5 (via Buba15robinson)

- I bring this up mainly because Dwayne Wade's performance last night reminded me of it. In 2000 Carter was upset about his coach getting fired, his brother heading to jail, and Tracy McGrady leaving for Orlando. Obviously Wade has an entirely different set of circumstances. He's coming off of injury, the Heat were awful last year, and despite what he says I don't believe Wade is happy coming off the bench. But it was the shaved head and the out of character mugging for the cameras after a windmill dunk (58 second mark) that made me think we could be seeing Wade's alter ego, as we did with Carter (according to him at least) in 2000. 

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